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    1. 评分7

      李斯特狂 一家子换着睡





      主演:罗杰·达尔特雷 保罗·尼古拉斯 林哥·斯塔尔 

      更新时间:2020-07-21 09:03:04

      简介:一家子换着睡 Ken Russells Most Unusual FilmIt is hard to believe that Ken Russell was able to get this one "green-lighted" for release by a major American distributer as it is quite simply one of the strangest films to ever grace a screen! Russell, ever the visionary, takes the not so off-target view that Franz Liszt the pop star of his day and then offers viewers a comic book version of the composers life and relationship with several infamous women and, most importantly, Richard Wagner. This film must be seen to be believed! And is a definite must-see for all Russell fans. It will also be appreciated by Roger Daltrey fans as this one captures Daltrey in his prime! Interesting musical work by Rick Wakeman and great set designs. It would be so cool to see this on DVD with director commentary! ...Maybe some day.